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The “Clownado” Movie (I Can’t Handle it)

A view from behind a clown looking out at a storm

“Clownado” is the perfect storm of tornado, clown, and low-budget madness. A huge storm rolls in, bringing with it killer, sadistic clowns. It’s unclear whether the clowns come from the tornado or harness its power to kill helpless people…

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The Unfuckening (Re-Watching “The Matrix”)

The Matrix quote with Trinity, Neo, and Morpheus standing in front of a wall of code

I’m in my mid(ish)-30’s. Trying to remember the plot of “The Matrix” was harder than my figuring out how to do a cat eye with an eyeliner back then (HOT TIP – it doesn’t work with a pencil eyeliner so don’t even try). What I CAN remember from my first go at watching this movie …